Waterstops, Remedial Grouts and Below Grade Expansion Joints

Waterstops, Remedial Grouts and Below Grade Expansion Joints
WATERSTOP-RX is an active bentonite/butyl-rubber based waterstop that is designed to replace PVC waterstops and eliminate the requirement of split-forming and seam welding.  Learn More About WATERSTOP-RX
WATERSTOP-XP is proven effective in contaminated environments, including high-saline and dilute organic solvents.   Learn More About WATERSTOP-XP
AKWASTOP is a hydrophilic rubber waterstop that can be used for new and existing cast-in-place concrete construction joints, as well as around pipes and structural penetrations.  Learn More About AKWASTOP
AKWASWELL is a caulk grade, single component swelling paste used to stop water infiltration through concrete construction joints.  Learn More About AKWASWELL
CETINJECT is a waterstop injection system consisting of a hose that functions as a delivery channel for CETCO AKWASEAL waterproofing resins that are injected into the structure after concreting is completed; thus sealing the interfaces and voids within concrete construction joints.  Learn More About CETINJECT
AKWASEAL is a semi-rigid, low viscosity, hydrophobic polyurethane chemical injection grout. It stops water infiltration by adhering to the installation surface and reacting with water, becoming an expanding foam that fills a void and forms a watertight seal.  Learn More About AKWASEAL
BENTOGROUT is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing against water.   Learn More About BENTOGROUT
CETCO’s CXJ expansion joints consist of extruded thermoplastic, dual-gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges. When using CETCO waterproofing membranes, CXJ can be included in the Hydroshield warranty program for 5, 10 or 15 years warranty.  Learn More About CETCO CXJ
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CETCO is the construction technologies subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., one of the world’s largest minerals companies offering solutions for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction challenges worldwide. CETCO features a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below grade. A diverse product offering and total system approach are designed to accommodate the varied conditions encountered during construction, ensuring your waterproofing system performs properly in the unique conditions of your project.

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