Below Grade Waterproofing

Below Grade Waterproofing

CETCO’s Voltex, Ultraseal and Coreflex waterproofing membranes are designed to offer various levels of performance characteristics to address varying site conditions and in turn, offer several levels of warranty eligibility. CETCO’s HydroShield™ Quality Assurance Program is a proven systematic approach resulting in a no-dollar-limit, non-prorated warranty for up to 15 years. This is the most comprehensive waterproofing warranty in the industry.

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CETCO is the construction technologies subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., one of the world’s largest minerals companies offering solutions for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction challenges worldwide. CETCO features a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below grade. A diverse product offering and total system approach are designed to accommodate the varied conditions encountered during construction, ensuring your waterproofing system performs properly in the unique conditions of your project.



2023 SWA Trillium Award Winner

The Ontario Court of Justice

Read the Article: Winner: New Construction Project – Ontario Court of Justice

The Ontario Court of Justice is the largest courthouse in Ontario. Situated in Toronto’s downtown core, the new state-of-the-art facility amalgamates several existing facilities to become a key element of the downtown civic precinct. The fully accessible state-of-the-art courthouse will bring six Ontario Court of Justice criminal courts under one roof.

NORR Architects and Engineers in partnership with Renzo Piano Building Workshop has produced a strong architectural vision for the site by maximizing exterior public space, improving the streetscape and strengthening the links and relationship between the courthouse and the city’s downtown core.

Because of the complexity of the project, NORR Architects and Engineers needed, not only a quality below grade waterproofing product, but also support throughout the design phase as well as skilled installers. Due to the below grade spaces housing critical occupied space for judges’ quarters, judges’ parking, holding cells, mechanical and electrical rooms, NORR specified a below grade waterproofing product that would maintain its properties for long-term performance.

CoreFlex 60 was selected for its many outstanding physical characteristics including durability, dual membrane properties of a 60 mils welded membrane and an active layer and a meaningful warranty which in essence assured the Owner of a leak-free substructure. The reliability of the CoreFlex 60 was well understood by the consultant team based on past projects. The strong level of product and installation support by the manufacturer permitted the design team to collaboratively solve difficult detail conditions for the application and the extensive experience using the product locally promised that a high caliber of workmanship in the application was possible.

The collaborative efforts of DRE/CETCO, Bothwell-Accurate, and NORR Architects played a pivotal role in the design and waterproofing of the Ontario Court of Justice, resulting in a groundbreaking judicial complex that exemplifies innovation and functionality.

Allied Professional: NORR Architects and Engineers
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate
Manufacturer: CETCO/DRE Industries

massey hall in construction

2022 SWA Trillium Award Winner

Massey Hall

Read the Article: Revitalizing Toronto’s Massey Hall: A famed venue retakes the spotlight

Since opening its doors in 1894, Toronto’s Massey Hall has become one of Canada’s most iconic performance spaces and a host to the world’s greatest talent. Over a century later, in July 2018, The Massey Hall revitalization project was undertaken to modernize the celebrated entertainment venue for the 21st century. The project represented the most significant renovation in the Hall’s 127-year history.

Completed in November 2021, the multi year revitalization includes re-envisioned architecture and interiors by KPMB Architects, which worked alongside heritage architects GBCA to create a design scheme that honours the building’s legacy while providing a state-of-the-art performance venue for the future with enhanced acoustics and seating. The project vision included three primary elements: a major addition, new suspended walkways along the east and west sides of the venue, and an extensive renovation and restoration of the heritage architecture.

Accommodating KPMB and GBCA’s new vision in the middle of downtown Toronto meant navigating a tight, urban site. This proved challenging as the developer’s condominium project required a street-level right of way, leaving limited space for Massey Hall’s loading and stage dock areas at grade. With critically needed lobby space occupying the first two levels of the addition above grade, the only option for accommodating stage support spaces was below grade. The solution: create two waterproofed basement levels filling the full site footprint with the lower basement dedicated primarily to services and the level above to dressing rooms and a green room that align with the expectations of major performers.

Massey Hall is a Canadian heritage site. Due to the historical nature of the building a waterproofing membrane with long-term performance characteristics was crucial. Since the basement is a critical occupied space, the product selected had to have a meaningful long-term warranty. Anecdotal evidence suggested that a branch of the fabled Taddle Creek aquifer was present on or around the site and this demanded a robust and reliable waterproofing approach and waterproofing product. The design team selected CETCO’s Ultraseal for this application as the product’s reliability in a blindside application condition was well understood by the consultant team based on past projects. The strong product and installation support by the manufacturer permitted the design team to collaboratively solve difficult detail conditions for the application, and the extensive experience using the product among local waterproofing trades promised a high caliber of workmanship in the application was possible. In the end the collaboration of the project team of KPMB, DRE/CETCO and Bothwell-Accurate delivered the successful completion of the project.

Allied Professional: KPMB Architects
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate.
Manufacturer: CETCO/DRE Industries

Union Station

2021 SWA Trillium Award Winner

Union Station

Read the Article: Union Station Groundbreaking Project Wins SWA's Trillium Award

Union Station is the busiest transit hub in Canada. In 2006, the City of Toronto required a revitalization plan to: expand and enhance the multi-modal hub to accommodate the expected growth from 70 million passengers a year to a projected 90 million passengers by 2036; restore and renovate the National Historic Site, the most important Beaux-Arts railway station in Canada and; create a destination, commercial retail hub.

NORR was selected to lead the project and developed the most technically innovative architecture and engineering solution ever to be implemented at this scale in Canada. The expansion of Union Station involved their “dig down” method that excavated an additional space, 13 feet below the station basement—all completed while maintaining full station services. The “dig down” solution provides 110,000 sf of new passenger concourse space with the insertion of 2 new floors in the dig down area.

In the end, this successful collaboration between all partners ensured excellence in the finished work. It was truly a partnership between NORR, CETCO Manufacturer supported by DRE Industries, an experienced local business partner, and Duron, an industry leader in waterproofing that provided a quality installation.

Allied Professional: NORR Architects & Engineers Limited
Contractor: Duron Ontario Ltd.
Manufacturer: CETCO/DRE Industries

Project Profiles

The Well 2020

The Well

ULTRASEAL XP and Coreflex by CETCO being used at Toronto's largest mixed-use construction site, The Well.

Architect: Adamson Associates
GC: EllisDon Waterproofing
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Coreflex 60 by CETCO was used to waterproof under the slab and blindside and open cut walls at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) project.

Architect: DSAI
GC: PCL Waterproofing
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate

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