Senate of Canada

2023 NTMA Honor Award Winner

Senate of Canada

The Senate of Canada is located at Center Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The existing Centre Block is undergoing a 10-year renovation project which is resulted in the relocation of The Senate of Canada to a temporary new location which was built in 1909 and was originally the Ottawa Union Train Station.

Public Works Canada along with Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects in joint venture took on the challenge to design the 8,000 square feet of corridors and lobby floors of the New Senate Building. In this design it was noted that the existing marble had to be incorporated as it was deemed Heritage Marble.

The existing Missisquoi Grey Marble floors, baseboards, wainscoting, and stairs were salvaged and cut into 2 inch wide by 1 ½ inch thick pieces by random lengths ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches.

Due to the irregular and sloped floor of the old railway station a conventional sand and cement underbed was installed.

The underbed was left to cure for 5 days. A Moisture Vapor Treatment was installed followed by epoxy primer. Two coats of full coverage fiber reinforced crack isolation membrane were applied. 1/16-inch zinc divider strips were laid along with expansion joints.

The next step was the installation of the Heritage marble bars. The random lengths of Heritage Marble bars were chopped in length with a mosaic chopper creating broken and uneven edges giving them an old-world appearance.
The heritage marble bars were installed at random within the 4 feet by 9-foot panels using an epoxy mastic. Once the heritage marble bars were successfully installed an epoxy terrazzo mixture consisting of Aggregate sized at #0, #1 and #2 was poured to complete the installation. The entire floor was then ground to an 800-grit finish and sealed.

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects in Joint Venture
General Contractor: PCL Construction
Terrazzo Contractor: Franklin Terrazzo Company
Supplier: Domus Terrazzo / T and M Supply

massey hall in construction

2022 Trillium Award

Massey Hall

Read the Article: Revitalizing Toronto’s Massey Hall: A famed venue retakes the spotlight

Since opening its doors in 1894, Toronto’s Massey Hall has become one of Canada’s most iconic performance spaces and a host to the world’s greatest talent. Over a century later, in July 2018, The Massey Hall revitalization project was undertaken to modernize the celebrated entertainment venue for the 21st century. The project represented the most significant renovation in the Hall’s 127-year history.

Completed in November 2021, the multi year revitalization includes re-envisioned architecture and interiors by KPMB Architects, which worked alongside heritage architects GBCA to create a design scheme that honours the building’s legacy while providing a state-of-the-art performance venue for the future with enhanced acoustics and seating. The project vision included three primary elements: a major addition, new suspended walkways along the east and west sides of the venue, and an extensive renovation and restoration of the heritage architecture.

Accommodating KPMB and GBCA’s new vision in the middle of downtown Toronto meant navigating a tight, urban site. This proved challenging as the developer’s condominium project required a street-level right of way, leaving limited space for Massey Hall’s loading and stage dock areas at grade. With critically needed lobby space occupying the first two levels of the addition above grade, the only option for accommodating stage support spaces was below grade. The solution: create two waterproofed basement levels filling the full site footprint with the lower basement dedicated primarily to services and the level above to dressing rooms and a green room that align with the expectations of major performers.

Massey Hall is a Canadian heritage site. Due to the historical nature of the building a waterproofing membrane with long-term performance characteristics was crucial. Since the basement is a critical occupied space, the product selected had to have a meaningful long-term warranty. Anecdotal evidence suggested that a branch of the fabled Taddle Creek aquifer was present on or around the site and this demanded a robust and reliable waterproofing approach and waterproofing product. The design team selected CETCO’s Ultraseal for this application as the product’s reliability in a blindside application condition was well understood by the consultant team based on past projects. The strong product and installation support by the manufacturer permitted the design team to collaboratively solve difficult detail conditions for the application, and the extensive experience using the product among local waterproofing trades promised a high caliber of workmanship in the application was possible. In the end the collaboration of the project team of KPMB, DRE/CETCO and Bothwell-Accurate delivered the successful completion of the project.

Allied Professional: KPMB Architects
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate.
Manufacturer: CETCO/DRE Industries

drake hotel terrazzo

2022 TTMAC Hardsurface Awards: Terrazzo

The Drake Hotel – Modern Wing

The Drake Hotel is a Toronto hotel destination located in the Queen West neighbourhood and is well known for its celebration of community, culture, and contemporary art. The Drake Hotel expanded with the addition of the “Modern Wing”. The completed project has achieved the Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 requirements for sustainable design.

The five-story expansion allows for 32 new hotel rooms as well as a rooftop suite & terrace. The new “Modern Wing” is a contemporary design that contrasts the “Classic Wing” that once housed the entire hotel. A new ground floor in the main lobby is where Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc. created a seamless transition from classic to modern through their terrazzo installation.

Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc. created 6 colours to match the pastel shades of the original portland cement terrazzo of the vintage building. The new lobby features jewel tone terrazzo floors with a modern design full of dynamic energy and movement. The 9mm epoxy terrazzo floor spans 2,000 square feet over a moisture mitigation membrane and crack isolation membrane. The patterns were created with 1/8” zinc strips to define the crisp edges of the design.

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects
Designer: Design Agency, +tongtong and The Drake’s in-house team
Owner: Drake Hotel Properties
General Contractor: Skygrid Construction Inc.
Trade Contractor: Franklin Terrazzo Company
Supplier: Domus Terrazzo Supply Co.

Union Station

2021 SWA Trillium Award Winner

Union Station

Read the Article: Union Station Groundbreaking Project Wins SWA's Trillium Award

Union Station is the busiest transit hub in Canada. In 2006, the City of Toronto required a revitalization plan to: expand and enhance the multi-modal hub to accommodate the expected growth from 70 million passengers a year to a projected 90 million passengers by 2036; restore and renovate the National Historic Site, the most important Beaux-Arts railway station in Canada and; create a destination, commercial retail hub.

NORR was selected to lead the project and developed the most technically innovative architecture and engineering solution ever to be implemented at this scale in Canada. The expansion of Union Station involved their “dig down” method that excavated an additional space, 13 feet below the station basement—all completed while maintaining full station services. The “dig down” solution provides 110,000 sf of new passenger concourse space with the insertion of 2 new floors in the dig down area.

In the end, this successful collaboration between all partners ensured excellence in the finished work. It was truly a partnership between NORR, CETCO Manufacturer supported by DRE Industries, an experienced local business partner, and Duron, an industry leader in waterproofing that provided a quality installation.

Allied Professional: NORR Architects & Engineers Limited
Contractor: Duron Ontario Ltd.
Manufacturer: CETCO/DRE Industries

Market Centre Parkade, Brantford, ON

2021 SWA Trillium Award Finalist

Market Centre Parkade

This site is a concrete structure that consists of three parking levels with a pedestrian level walkway and bridge connecting to downtown Brantford’s main street. Over the years, the structure had developed concrete delamination and the service life of the existing membrane was coming to an end. It was determined that a wholesale garage restoration program was required to bring this structure up to current standards.

The project involved many different aspects of work. First and foremost, there was significant concrete restoration required due to leaking cracks and debonded waterproofing membrane. The scope of work also involved wholesale removal of the existing traffic topping and the installation of a new thin system urethane traffic topping. Fibre reinforced polymer and structural reinforcement (FRP) of the existing columns and beams was necessary, along with the removal and replacement of expansion joints.

Moon-Matz Ltd., the lead project consultant, had spent years putting together the plan to successfully rehabilitate the structure. The garage restoration general contractor, Macdero Construction (Ontario) Ltd., won the public tender bid submission and worked with Neogard in selecting the Auto- Gard FC Urethane traffic topping and RTS system.

The end result was a project that the City of Brantford and our team with Moon- Matz and Macdero are proud to have delivered to the City of Brantford.

Allied Professional/Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd.
Contractor: Macdero Construction (Ontario) Ltd.
Manufacturer: Neogard/DRE Industries Inc.

Centenary Health Centre

2021 SWA Trillium Award Finalist

Centenary Health Centre

The Shoniker tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel that connects the Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital and Shoniker Clinic beneath Neilson Road. The project aimed to repair the failed expansion joints within the tunnel, repair leaking cracks as well as concrete surfaces. This involved excavating the tunnel and installing new waterproofing on the tunnel walls and roof slab.

The work needed to be completed during the winter months, which required heat and hoarding for the waterproofing application, as well as phased closures of the road and the Hospital Emergency Entrance which was very problematic. Vector Corrosion Technologies, RJC Engineers, and Koster proposed an alternative solution; the repair strategy was to complete a curtain wall area injection method using a water based elastic acrylic gel waterproofing system (Koster G4) with all repairs to the entire tunnel structure undertaken completely from the interior.

This innovative design solution saved the client several hundreds of thousands of dollars and avoided the significant site and environmental disruption that would have been caused by the original proposed excavation scope.

Allied Professional / Consultant: RJC Engineers
Contractor: Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.
Manufacturer: Koster Waterproofing Systems c/o DRE Industries

LF Wade International Airport terrazzo flooring

2021 TTMAC Hardsurface Awards: International

LF Wade International Airport

With Bermuda’s existing terminal which was built between 1941 and 1943 and sitting at just 11 feet above sea level and battling waves, flooding, and storm surges it was clear it was reaching the end of its useful life.

The new terminal is 288,000 square feet with 6 gates. As one of the largest projects that the 20-square- mile island has ever seen, it features materials and décor that reflect the history, flora, and fauna of Bermuda and its community.

The airport now features 45,000 square feet of stunning 9mm thick epoxy terrazzo with Moisture Mitigation and Full Coverage Crack Isolation Membrane.

“And through innovative thinking – we built and proved the model for how small airports can nevertheless achieve world class outcomes.”

Architect: Scott Associates Architects
Owner: Government of Bermuda
General Contractor: Aecon Group
Trade Contractors: Franklin Terrazzo
Supplier: Domus Terrazzo Supply

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital terazzo flooring

2021 TTMAC Hardsurface Awards: Terrazzo

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

The Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital (Formerly Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital) was completed in 2020 and officially opened in February of 2021 as a system-wide support resource for Ontario's COVID-19 pandemic response capacity pressures caused by the pandemic.

The terrazzo installed by Franklin Terrazzo Company can be seen in the public corridors and spaces of levels one and two as well as two monumental precast staircases. The floor is comprised of 42,000 square feet of 9mm thick Epoxy Terrazzo with Moisture Mitigation and Full Coverage Crack Isolation Membrane.

Encompassing this floor is 4,500 lineal feet of precast terrazzo base manufactured in Franklin Precast Shop. The staircases contain 102 pieces of 2” thick, one-piece tread and riser units, as well as landings. All aggregates used to create the terrazzo work were Canadian products and sourced locally. We included 10% recycled glass to help Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital in their goal of achieving Silver LEED certification.

Architect: Stantec
Owner: Mackenzie Health
General Contractor: PCL Constructors
Trade Contractor: Franklin Terrazzo
Supplier: Domus Terrazzo Supply

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