CETCO Plaza Deck Restoration

CETCO Plaza Deck Restoration

Plaza deck restoration can cause huge disruptions and creates potentially hazardous conditions to the occupants of a building. The longer the structure remains exposed during restoration the more likely water damage can occur to the interior of the building. Cetco’s COREFLEX® has unique performance and installation characteristics that help reduce these problems. The active swelling capability and enhanced chemical resistance enable Coreflex to be installed over most existing waterproofing membranes – reducing hazards, noise and waste experienced with common demolition prep work. Coreflex can be installed in virtually any weather condition. In addition, reduced surface prep and simpler installation equipment expedites overall restoration time. A 15 year Hydroshield warranty is available for plaza deck restoration projects.

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CETCO is the construction technologies subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., one of the world’s largest minerals companies offering solutions for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction challenges worldwide. CETCO features a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below grade.  A diverse product offering and total system approach are designed to accommodate the varied conditions encountered during construction, ensuring your waterproofing system performs properly in the unique conditions of your project.


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