Under-Slab Vapour Barrier

Under-Slab Vapour Barrier

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier is made with a proven trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap 15-MIL Vapor Barrier is an ASTM E1745 Class A Vapor Barrier (below 0.01 perms). The protection of Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier provides the flexibility to change flooring types and overall building use without worrying about below-slab moisture vapour. Stego also offers the accessories needed for an ASTM E1643-compliant installation, which have been engineered for our Stego Wrap line: Stego Tape, Stego Mastic, Stego Crete Claw Tape, Stego Tack Tape and Stego Term Bar.

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Stego Industries is the industry leader in the below-slab vapour barrier market. They have earned the recognition and respect of the design and construction community by providing quality products and continuous support.  Since 1998, Stego’s engineered films have revolutionized the way the industry defends against harmful moisture vapour and soil gases with its flagship product Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier.  Their products are composed of the highest quality, virgin resins and provide superior protection against the costly problems associated with below-slab moisture migration.


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