High Performance Construction Coatings

High Performance Construction Coatings

Neogard manufactures high-performance concrete waterproofing coatings and waterproofing membrane products that protect the building envelope through vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings, seamless flooring and elastomeric wall coatings.

Neogard’s Auto-Gard, Peda-Gard, RTS PMMA/PUMA and Pool-Gard C are waterproof elastomeric membrane systems for parking decks, balconies, stadiums, mechanical rooms, fountains and reflective pools.  Neoflex and Neocrylic elastomeric and acrylic wall coatings protect concrete and masonry walls. Neogard also has a full range of Epoxy flooring products that are seamless, chemical resistant and easy to clean.

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About Neogard

Neogard, a part of Hempel, manufactures high-performance coatings specified and used for structures across the globe for over 60 years. Neogard’s coating systems protect the building envelope through vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings, protective roof coatings, seamless flooring and elastomeric wall coatings. You can find Neogard coatings in major stadiums and arenas, office buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels and casinos, airports and hangars, government facilities, manufacturing plants and more.


Project Profiles

Village Green Fountain

Village Green Fountain

Neogard's Pool-Gard C was used to waterproof this fountain at the Village Green Project. This project won the FRPO MAC award in 2017.

Consultant: Synergy Partners
Contractor: Macdero Contracting Limited

Centennial Stadium 2020

Centennial Stadium

This City of Toronto stadium used Neogard's Auto-Gard FC to waterproof the bleachers and the leaking expansion joints were replaced with Willseal 250.

Consultant: Moon Matz
Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate

Brantford Parking Square

Brantford Parking Square

Brantford Market Square Parking Garage project used Neogard Autogard FC and RTS Pedestrian.

Consultant: Moon Matz
Contractor: Macdero Construction Limited.

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