Willseal: Enhancing the Future of Expansion Joints

At DRE Industries Inc., we've always believed in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and provide top-notch solutions to our customers. Today, we're delighted to highlight our continuing partnership with Tremco’s Willseal Expansion Joints – the original brand of pre-compressed joint sealants.

Our association with Willseal began in 2019, a year that heralded notable shifts in the expansion joint sector. DRE Industries Inc. has been in the expansion joint market since 2004, initially working with a competitor. Our path, however, took an exhilarating pivot in August 2019 when we partnered with Willseal Expansion Joints. Shortly thereafter, Tremco Construction Products Group acquired Willseal, which has allowed for greater market presence and site support.

Willseal has been at the forefront of pioneering various patented technologies and offers a complete range of pre-compressed, self-expanding foam sealants. These sealants are not only watertight, dust-proof, and airtight, but they also provide noise reduction, thermal insulation, and UV stability. The Willseal systems are solid sealants with a uniform core, not thin unbonded laminations. Utilizing this solid core technology enables the incorporation of integral reinforcing bars, smoke barriers, and waterproof membranes into the foam, enhancing overall performance and durability. This feature distinctly sets us apart from the competition.

There are excellent reasons that Willseal constantly raises industry standards, while continuing to capture greater market share around the globe. Willseal products have been specified and successfully installed on thousands of diverse construction projects worldwide. Willseal is committed to bringing intelligent solutions to our customers, using technology-driven design to create superior sealant systems.

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