canada place project construction

#TBT to one of the early Chem-Trete projects!

Canada Place for Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC designed by Eb Zeidler at @Zeidler Architecture. This project presented a unique challenge, Eb wanted the look of exposed concrete for the stands but with open art exhibits located below the stands, the concern was to protect the art from potential damage caused by rain or spilled drinks. At that time, Tosh Sakamoto, the specification writer at Zeidler, vividly remembers Doug Edgar visiting his office with an incredible new product called Chem-Trete BSM 40—a remarkable clear water repellent product! Recognizing its potential, Tosh suggested using Chem-Trete BSM 40 to achieve both a natural concrete look and protect the art below. Eb agreed to give it a try, and the results were outstanding!

Chem-Trete BSM 40 effectively prevented any leakage into the art spaces below, preserving the integrity of the exhibits. It was a testament to the successful collaboration between architecture and innovative solutions.

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