Stego Wrap 15-Mil Vapor Barrier installation

Stego Industries LLC – Industry-Leading Barriers and Unrivaled Support

At DRE Industries Inc., we understand the importance of reliable partners who share our commitment to excellence. Today, we are excited to spotlight one such partner: Stego Industries LLC, a company celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Our collaboration with Stego Industries began in 2010, and since then, we have witnessed their unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Stego Industries is renowned for its innovative products, with major milestones including Stego Wrap Below-Slab Vapor Barriers, Drago Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier, and Beast Concrete Accessories. They have maintained a model of consistency. Their flagship product, Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier, is an ASTM E1745 Class A Vapour Barrier (below 0.01 perms), offering unbeatable protection against below-slab moisture vapor.

Stego's commitment to quality and support has earned them recognition and respect from the design and construction community. They have become the industry leader in the below-slab vapor barrier market, consistently delivering products composed of the highest-quality virgin resins to mitigate the costly problems associated with below-slab moisture migration. Stego Wrap is the most widely specified below-slab vapor barrier in North America.

In partnership with Stego Industries LLC, DRE Industries Inc. continues to uphold our mission of delivering quality products and solutions to the construction industry. As we celebrate Stego's 25th anniversary, we look forward to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and shared success.

Stego Wrap 15-Mil Vapor Barrier installation 1
Stego Wrap 15-Mil Vapor Barrier installation 2
Stego Wrap 15-Mil Vapor Barrier installation 3