Koster American Corporation - Revolutionizing Waterproofing Solutions for 40 Years

DRE Industries Inc is thrilled to spotlight Koster American Corporation in our next Partner Profile. For over 14 years we've had the privilege of representing Koster, promoting their innovative VAP 1-2000 product and mastering the art of curtain injection.

At Koster American Corporation, it's all about leading the charge in the development and production of high-quality waterproofing products and systems. With a mission to protect building structures and the environment, they've been leaving an indelible mark in the industry for the past 40 years.

One of the standout qualities of Koster is their commitment to excellence in both product and customer support. Their VAP 1-2000 epoxy moisture mitigation barrier, 2IN1 injection, G4/S4 Acrylate injection resin, and NB 1 crystalline waterproofing have made waves in the market. But what truly sets them apart is their excellent tech support, providing our clients and customers with invaluable assistance.

Innovation is at the core of Koster's philosophy. They've been pioneers in various patented technologies and were the first to manufacture a single component 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigation system in their VAP 1-2000. Their wide range of urethane and acrylic curtain and crack injection products provide a full systems approach to remediating leaking foundation walls, slabs, tunnels, elevator pits in both new and restoration projects.

This relentless pursuit of innovation has allowed Koster to stay ahead of the curve and continuously deliver cutting-edge solutions. Established in 1982 and headquartered in Virginia Beach and Aurich, Germany, Koster has come a long way since its inception. The Koster mission remains the same, it aligns seamlessly with the concept of "built to last," an ideology that resonates with every product they manufacture. By offering superior quality waterproofing systems, Koster aims to increase the lifespan of building structures, ultimately reducing the need for premature replacements. This sustainable approach significantly impacts global resource consumption, including energy and building materials.

DRE Industries Inc is honoured to partner with Koster American Corporation, a company with a rich history, remarkable innovations, and a vision that transcends the ordinary.

Installing Koster G4 under a slab.
Sealing an elevator pit with Koster S4/B+.
Sealing a masonry wall with Koster G4.
Sealing a tunnel with Koster G4.