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Evonik Manufacturer Profile

On the occasion of DRE's 40th Anniversary, we would like to recognize our esteemed Supplier Partner companies.

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Chem-Trete BSM 40 application on The Princes’ Gates at Exhibition Place in Toronto in the mid 1980’s

It is with great pleasure that we highlight the contributions of Chem-Trete, which holds a special significance as the first line of products DRE Industries Inc. started with in 1983.

From the original development of the alkoxysilane technology in the late 1940’s to the first patents in 1973, Chem-Trete has long been an industry leader in silane-based water repellents. In Canada, the initial product introduced was Chem-Trete BSM 40. Chem-Trete's unwavering dedication to innovation in the silane water-repellent market is evident from the subsequent launch of Aqua-Trete in 1986. Additionally, in 1987, Chem-Trete introduced patented 100% silane treatment products for concrete (Protectosil BHN) and masonry (Protectosil BSM 400). The launch of Protectosil CIT in 1994 and Protecotsil Anti-Graffiti in 1999 further cemented their reputation as a pioneering force in the field of silane-based building protection products.

Now owned by Evonik, Chem-Trete boasts a rich history of creating innovative building protection products. Their Protectosil/Chem-Trete products are amongst the most widely specified silane based water repellents and corrosions inhibitors in the Canadian market and are used on some of the most significant projects in the country.

The incredible technical support provided by the Evonik lab and scientists sets them apart from other manufactures in this field. We are thrilled to have them as a partner as we continue to innovate and grow this market.