Volclay Panels waterproofing below grade foundations in Toronto in the mid 1980s

CETCO: The Global Leader in Waterproofing Solutions

Volclay Panels waterproofing below grade foundations in Toronto in the mid 1980's

In this second partner profile, we are excited to spotlight CETCO, a long-standing partner of DRE since 1985. CETCO, previously known as American Colloid Company, was founded in 1924, and is celebrating its centennial anniversary next year.

CETCO is a renowned innovator in the industry, credited with inventing active below-grade waterproofing through their pioneering product, Volclay Panels, launched in 1963. Their introduction of Volclay Waterstop-RX in 1983, which they later patented, was a significant milestone in the industry, as it became the most widely specified active waterstop in the market.

The company continued to push the boundaries with their patented Voltex range of products in 1991, featuring a more durable version of bentonite waterproofing. In 2001, CETCO unveiled the first-ever APC waterproofing membrane, Ultraseal, which offered exceptional chemical resistance and durability, and is ten times less permeable than traditional hydrophilic membranes.

Volclay Panels waterproofing below grade foundations in Toronto in the mid 1980's

In 2007, CETCO introduced Coreflex, a dual membrane system that set the gold standard for below-grade waterproofing. This system features an active and passive barrier in one membrane, providing superior protection against harsh contaminants like diesel, kerosene, or jet fuel, and qualifies as a Class “A” vapor retarder and certified methane barrier.

CETCO also revolutionized below-grade waterproofing warranties with the introduction of the Hydroshield Quality Assurance program in 2006. This program includes a non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials, setting a new standard of quality assurance in the industry.

In today's ever-changing and challenging below-grade waterproofing market, CETCO is a trusted partner to DRE. Changes in dewatering allowances mean a more complicated design, utilizing raft slabs and full tank waterproofing. CETCO’s 60+ years of experience in below grade waterproofing, combined with their state-of-the-art R&D/Testing Labs and their Technical/CAD Departments makes them an invaluable asset to have. As technology continues to advance, CETCO remains at the forefront of innovation, introducing new products that solve the problems of today's below-grade waterproofing market.

We are fortunate to have a company like CETCO as a partner, with such high standards and an unwavering commitment to excellence.