DRE Industries Inc.

40 years of DRE Industries Inc.

DRE Industries Inc. is a supplier of high-quality waterproofing products for both new construction and restoration projects. Founded in 1983, as a supplier of high-quality water repellents and below grade waterproofing membranes. 40 years later, DRE offers support at all project design and construction stages, including specifications, pre-construction meetings, installation, and warranty registration. Specializing in Divisions 3, 7, and 9, DRE offers a full range of products for both new construction and restoration projects including: below-grade waterproofing, clear penetrating sealers, anti-graffiti coatings, corrosion inhibitors, expansion joints, epoxy terrazzo, underslab vapour barriers and below grade curtain injection.

DRE is a female-owned and led supplier of high-quality construction products. Marla Cosburn, President of DRE Industries Inc. is continuing her family business. Marla’s mother, Elva Edgar, was one of the founding partners. In 1983, when a colleague visited the World of Concrete and found a unique and interesting product called Chem-Trete, he became the Canadian distributor and began the company. A few months later, Doug Edgar, Marla’s father, was looking for a new opportunity after a long and successful career in retail management. After working several months promoting and selling the impressive product, he bought the business. Marla began working for DRE in 1993, and eventually took over the company in 1999. Many of the companies DRE worked with in the early days continue to be customers today.

As we look back on 40 years of business, we remember all the partnerships and projects that got us here. This year, we will continue to reflect on the past and how we got here, and as we look to the future, we will remember our values and continue to offer the excellent products and customer service that we are known for.